Jean Todt expects calendar changes in motorsports in 2021

The FIA president thinks that the COVID-19 pandemic will still make an impact on motorsports this year.

The 2020 season in all major motorsports series took place despite all the difficulties, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and the season itself was very good. Everyone was optimistic about the normality of the 2021 season — Formula 1 expected to have record-breaking 23 races this year for example. However, the current development of the COVID-19 spread and postponements of several motorsports events raises concerns among the ruling bodies.

The FIA president Jean Todt admits that coronavirus might still influence how racing worldwide will go this year. “It’s not like the season is ending, so we start from a white piece of paper. Lockdown is still going to happen, confinement, the virus is there. There has been progress. We are expecting a vaccine, so it will be good for the population, good for the planet to be able to enjoy that. But I am sure that over the next days, we will hear quite a lot of potential changes on the different calendars, not only Formula 1, but on other calendars”, Todt tells

With the delay of Formula E’s Santiago E-Prix and possible postponement of Formula 1’s Australian GP, the fears might really turn out to be true, so we all have to be prepared for the calendar changes in the near future, which is definitely not a good sign for the motorsports community.

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